Jr/Teen/Sr Company

The dance company is a program centered around a more committed dance experience. It is a bit more demanding of your time and finances, as compared to recreational level classes – but gives your child a more in depth learning experience of dance and performance. Company dancers are given the opportunity to dance more hours per week, perform and compete at several dance competitions, develop close and meaningful relationships with their team and teachers, and learn the value of teamwork and dedication.


How often will class be held?
Currently, our company members take approximately 7 dance classes per week – Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Musical Theater, Contemporary/Lyrical, Hip Hop, Technique, Acro – spread across three days. This typically comes out to around 7 hours of class time per week. As a Junior, Teen or Senior Company member, your child may be asked to participate in additional dances (small groups, large groups and productions) that will require weekend rehearsals throughout the year.

Dance Opportunities?
Your child will have required core dances in each of their classes as well as opportunities to participate in additional dances based on audition results (and potentially learn a dance from a guest choreographer!). Every dancer will also be offered an opportunity to learn/compete a solo, duet or trio! Members of the company may also be honored with the position of a Teacher Assistant position at the studio!!

What about dance competitions and other performance opportunities?
This past year our Companies were required to attend 2 dance conventions and 2 competitions. Competitions and conventions are typically held on weekends starting in Feb, on through April. During these weekends dancers will be given the opportunity to take class from and perform for world renounced choreographers and dancers – receiving feedback on their work and performance. Every other year our dancers travel to Myrtle Beach to compete in Showstopper’s National Dance Competition!! This is a week of GREAT fun. Our next nationals adventure will be held in the 2013-­‐2014 season. Dancers are also required to participate in the Cary and Apex Parade as well as our studio’s Benefit Show: CREATE.

What is the Financial commitment for the team?
In addition to monthly tuition payments for dance classes, the following is an overview of involved expenses:

1. Due August

  • Dance Camp Fees
    • Uniform (leotard) -­‐ $40.00 (Required; due 1st day of camp, excluding Senior Co.)
    • Jacket -­‐ $45.00 (Required; due 1st day of camp)


2. Due August or Distributed All Year

  • Company registration -­‐ $350.00
    • Can be divided into 10 payments of $35.00 each month or paid in full at time of 
    • This payment goes towards miscellaneous fees required during the year. Including: extra 
rehearsals, lock ins, accessories, apparel, Recital T-­‐shirt and dinner, Christmas parade, 
  • Company Costumes
    • Deposits -­‐ $50.00/dance form -­‐- Due at Registration
  • Tuition Begins


3. Due October 1st

  • Small Group/Large Group Fees (optional dances – invite only)
  • Small Group/Large Group Costume Deposits ($50.00 each)
  • Accessories – Appropriate tights and appropriate shoes for each dance will be determined in October


4. Due November

  • Make-­Up
    • MAC make up kit: Approximate cost -­‐ $110.00. This does not need to be purchased every year.
  • Accessories
    • Earrings, chokers, hairpiece

5. Due December, January, February

  • Entry Fees
    • Approximately $40.00 per group dance for each competition
    • Approximately $90.00 Solo/Duet/Trio for each competition (solos, duets are trios are optional)
  • Convention Costs
    • Approximately $220.00 for each convention registration fee. Conventions for Minis/Petites are optional.


6. Due February, March, April

  • Competition expenses
    • Travel expenses for 2-4 competitions/conventions (hotel, food, gas). One of these will be local.


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