VIRTUALLY ON SATURDAY, May 30th 2020.

    **Ms. T will be hosting a LIVE Q&A on all things company on Friday, May 15th at 6:30pm. If you are interested in attending this meeting, please register for the “event” through your parent portal. The meeting link will be sent to all who are registered on Friday, 5/15**

    The CDP Dance Company is an opportunity for your child to grow as an artist and athlete. It is a privilege for those excited and willing to commit to a deeper knowledge of the arts, technique, and performance. It is a family of dancers taking their dance experience to another level. They learn many genres of dance, attend multiple classes per week, perform at various events throughout the year, and participate in dance competitions and conventions.

    CDP Dance Company Directors: Tondalaya Pearson, Jessica McMillan

    This year, we will be holding auditions for 7 different companies:

    Pre Company for dancers ages 6-7

    Petite Company for dancers ages 8-9

    Mini Company for dancers ages 9-10

    Tween Company for dancers ages 10-12

    Junior Company for dancers ages 12-13

    Teen Company for dancers ages 13-15

    Senior Company for dancers ages 15-18

    *We take age and ability into consideration each year, age assignment above will fluctuate from year to year depending on dancers auditioning*

    Saturday, May 30th: 9:00-10:30am

    Saturday, May 30th: 10:45-12:15pm

    Saturday, May 30th: 12:30-2:00pm

    Click here for the 2020-2021 Company Audition Form.

    All dancers are required to complete this form as of May 20th, 2020 to be eligible to audition.

    Ballet and Jazz auditions will determine placement and consideration for additional dance forms including: Musical Theater, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip Hop, and Acrobatics (if applicable).

    The first 45 minutes of the audition will be structured as a Ballet class, focusing on barre exercises and center combinations demonstrating the dancers’ technique.

    During the ballet portion, dancers will be taking class while being observed by a panel of judges. In addition to technical ability, judges will be watching for focus, work ethic, attitude, ability to take corrections, performance quality, appearance, and showmanship. While we do not expect perfection, we are looking for dancers with determination and potential!

    The next 30 minutes of the audition will be focused on Jazz. During this time, dancers will learn a Jazz combination incorporating more advanced elements and style. There will be one judge present for this portion of the audition. All dancers will be required to submit a video of their recorded combination within 1 hour of their scheduled audition.

    The last portion of the audition will focused on Tap. Dancers auditioning for the CDP Pre, Petite, Mini, or Tween companies are required to attend this portion. Tap is optional for dancers auditioning for the CDP Junior, Teen, or Senior companies. If you are interested in auditioning for tap, please indicate this on your audition form. During this time dancers will learn a small Tap combination demonstrating age-appropriate skills and rhythms. Dancers will be required to submit a video of their recorded Tap combination within 1 hour of their scheduled audition.

    Details on how to submit videos coming soon!

    WHAT TO WEAR: Dancers should plan to wear leotard and tights (dancers currently in our CDP company should not wear their company uniform from the 2019-2020 season). No loose clothing will be permitted during the Ballet/Jazz portion of the audition. Dancers should “look the part” — hair neatly secured, bright eyes, performance ready.  The better you feel, the better you’ll dance 🙂 Wear something you feel confident in.. add some extra shimmer – your judges will notice!

    RESULTS: Although you may receive them earlier, audition results will be emailed to each individual dancer within 6 weeks of your scheduled audition. If you are not currently dancing in our CDP competitive company, you may receive your results even earlier.

    Should you choose to accept your position in our Competitive Company, the following will be required:
    – All company dancers are REQUIRED to attend a mandatory company dance camp scheduled July 22nd-July 26th. Specific times for each group TBD.
    – All company members must turned in a SIGNED COMMITMENT CONTRACT by July 1st along with your COMPLETE company camp fee (approximately $350).

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