Tuition 2024-2025

The following fees will be due upon enrollment:

Non-refundable studio 2024-2025 registration fee – $65.00 per dancer. RCC and Competitive Company dancers should see handbook for registration fee information)

1st Tuition Payment – rates listed below. this fee is non-refundable.

Costume Deposits for all applicable classes – $25.00/each for recreational classes, $50 for RCC classes. Costume deposits will be drafted mid-September.

(e.g., If your student will be enrolled in a ballet class and a jazz class, you will owe two $25.00 costume deposits. A total of $50.00). Please note – Several “Ballet, Tap, Tumble” classes will only be required to pay ONE costume deposit, as they will be learning ONE (ballet) dance to perform in the end of year recital. These classes are indicated by a “*” on our fall schedule.

Fall classes begin mid August  and ending with our spring recital in June.

Tuition can be paid in monthly payments or in full at the time of registration. It is important to understand that tuition is not based on a four-class-per month rate, as some months may fluctuate; instead, tuition is based on the annual cost divided into 10 payments. Monthly tuition is required regardless of absences – including vacation and illness. Tuition is based on the amount of hours and minutes the student attends class. (for example: If you take a 45 minute Jazz class and a 45 minute Ballet class then you are charged the 1 1/2 hour rate of $120/month).

All families are required to create an account on our website to register for classes as well as enter checking/banking (payment) information. Initial fees will be drafted the week of registration and tuition fees will be drafted on the 1st of each month going forward. Payments made after the 5th of the month will be subject to a $10.00 late fee. Please be sure your account information is up to date prior to each monthly draft.

If CDP receives a NSF notice from your credit/banking provider, or notice of a charge decline for any reason, a $35 fee will be charged on your account.

2024-2025 Tuition Rates :

o Baby and Me | Creative Movement Classes – $65.00

o 30 Minutes – $85.00

o 45 Minutes – $90.00

o 1 Hour – $100.00

o 1 1/4 Hour – $110.00

o 1 1/2 Hour – $120.00

o 1 3/4 Hour – $130.00

o 2 Hour – $140.00

o 2 1/4 Hour – $145.00

o 2 1/2 Hour – $150.00

o 2 3/4 Hour – $155.00

o 3 Hour – $170.00

o 3 1/4 Hour – $180.00

o 3 1/2 Hour – $190.00

o 3 3/4 Hour – $200.00

o 4 Hour – $210.00

o 4 1/4 Hour – $215.00

o 4 1/2 Hour – $220.00

o 4 3/4 Hour – $225.00

o 5 Hour – $230.00

o 5 1/4 Hour – $235.00

o 5 1/2 Hour – $240.00

o 5 3/4 Hour – $245.00

o 6 Hour – $250.00

o 6 1/4 Hour – $255.00

o 6 1/2 Hour – $260.00

o 6 3/4 Hour – $265.00

o 7 Hour – $270.00


If you have more than one child that dances with us, we offer you a discounted family rate on tuition. Two children enrolled will result in a 10% discount from your total tuition fee. Three or more children enrolled will result in a 15% discount from your total tuition fee.
Families paying tuition in full at the start of the season will be given a 5% discount.


Tuition is due by the first class of each month and considered late after the tenth of each month. After the tenth day of the month, a $10.00 late fee will be added.


A written drop form must be submitted to the office giving your dancer’s two-week-notice of withdrawal before October 31st to receive a refund for costume deposits. Full tuition is still required for the month in which withdrawing. If your child withdrawals after recital costumes have been ordered, we will notify you when the costume is ready for pick up. CDP will not buy back your costume.

For questions about payment, payment options or to see if you qualify for any discounts contact our office by phone or email. Your student’s position in class will not be reserved until both the online registration and the tuition deposit have been received.


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