Tondalaya Pearson
  • Founder/CDP Director
    Tondalaya’s study began at the age of three. Her professional training began at the age of thirteen in the ballet program at the NC School of the Arts (NCSA). She studied from dance legends, Melissa Hayden, Mel Tomlinson, Frank Smith, and others. Tondalaya also enjoys Musical Theater. Her credits include “Oklahoma,” “Anything Goes,” “West Side Story,” “Hello Dolly,” and Raleigh’s “A Christmas Carol.” Tondalaya studied at East Carolina University on a scholarship in the dance program. From there she began to teach in local schools until she opened Cary Dance Productions in 1995. Tondalaya continues to study through national workshops affiliated with NYCDA, Tremaine, WCDE, and JUMP, to name a few. Next to her husband, Scott and little boy, Peyton, Tondalaya considers CDP one of God’s greatest blessings.

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